FAST Specialty Coffee Filter


The FAST provides a greater speed of extraction to your brewings, allowing you to change the extraction variables defined until now for V60, permitting the desired characteristics of the coffee to be enhanced, new flavours and cup profiles to be obtained, and your coffees to be rediscovered.

The filter adapts to conical commercial V60’s with open bottom.

For 1-4 cups

100% organic
Manufactured in Barcelona

The sealed packaging guarantees optimal conservation of the filters and prevents contamination from suspended particles and therefore flavours from being absorbed.

FAST Specialty coffee Filter Book, Find reviews and more detailed information here.

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In Sibarist we created the FAST Specialty Coffee Filter with the following purposes:

  • Provide new possibilities to the coffee extractions, rethink and modify current Coffee preparations to achieve better Coffee flavours.
  • Focus all the efforts to manufacture a high-quality filter paper rather than just finding a commercial profit, using the best raw material and searching uniformity and traceability in all the process. From the raw material obtention, manufacturing and customer service.
  • Obtain a coffee filter paper with the minimum impact on thecCoffee flavour.

After several testing sessions and with the aim of not just launching a current filter paper, we concluded that a key factor is the velocity of filtration and the quality of the paper if we want to obtain a better coffee cup, that is the reason why we decided to create a new element on the existing Coffee infusing parameters, the velocity factor on the extraction, creating the faster Coffee filter in the market.

Enjoy and rediscover your coffees.