The B3 FLAT is a flatbed filter made using the B3 Specialty Coffee Filter technology with the Sibarist FLAT filter design.

The filter shape provides a brewing volume free from any obstacle, becoming in a super even extraction of the coffee particles, uniform turbulences and full access to the coffee bed. The B3 rigidness produce a minimum contact surface with the dripper and provides a fast extraction, but its material thickness and low porosity provides sweeter and clean cups, avoid bypass.

“Fast flow, yet clean cup.”

The B3 Technology has been developed together with Matt Winton (2021 World Brewers Cup Champion) during a whole year prototyping and testing.


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    The filter adapts to flat bed drippers (like Kalita 185 types).

    B3 Specialty Coffee Filter paper technology, developed with Matt Winton.
    100% organic.
    Manufactured with care in Barcelona.

    The sealed packaging guarantees optimal conservation of the filters and prevents contamination from external dust and odours. Protect your cup!
    Packaging made using organic and compostable materials.

    Find instructions here

    B3 Flat filters are packaged in a flat stack with pre-folded creases for users to fold.


    1. Fold the 4 edges of the filter following the indentation marks on the paper. It is not necessary to keep the flat bottom shape of the filter; you just need to go over the folds.
    2. Place the filter on top of the dripper and press the central part of the paper downwards.
    3. Rinse the filter, starting from the centre and moving towards the outer edge by pouring hot water in a circular motion. Make sure that the entire surface of the filter is stuck to the walls of the dripper, without leaving any air channels between the filter and the filter holder.

    The image shows how the filter should look before starting the infusion.

    B3 FAST Specialty Coffee Filter

    The innovative first flat-bottomed non-fluted coffee filter in the world, now with the B3 technology applied.

    A Matt Winton Collaboration “Collaborate to create!”

    The B3 Specialty Coffee filter technology developed together with Matt Winton (2021 World Brewers Cup Champion). Matt has been our guideline during the whole development process for more than a year, he has been testing all our trial materials providing his expertise and feedback during the whole process, letting us to rethink the composition and processes,

    It has been a long journey but thanks to Matt’s expertise, his willing to experiment and to find the perfect material, we have finally obtained a very unique and extraordinary material that can be applied with different filter shapes, The B3.

    The B3 FLAT, Matt Winton.

    “I was most impressed with this new paper type in a flat bottom brew like in the Orea, since playing around with low bypass brews, where the paper adheres to the wall fully, and flow should just be at the bottom of the filter. I loved how much clarity, and sweetness, and depth this paper filter provided over other paper filters. It flows really fast the first few pours, and then slows down a bit, naturally, but always drew down in a really even way, and faster than most flat papers, especially considering a low-bypass brew.

    I didn’t realise that the paper filter had as much of an impact as this, until we started working on the new B3 paper with Sibarist. As the paper passed water so quickly, but still provided a good resistance when you brewed in it, it was such an interesting approach to brewing that I hadn’t tried before.

    Now I brew all my lighter roast washed coffees with a Flat type of brewer like an Orea, or Stagg, with a finer grind, hotter temperature, and 3 pour structure to maximize extraction and I always turn to the B3 paper to get the best clarity and structure in my flat brews.”

    About the B3 technology, Matt Winton.

    “I’ve always been obsessed about narrowing down variables in coffee brewing, where I would lock all other variables, and focus on just one thing until I found the best. It wasn’t until I started exploring the role of the paper filter in pour over brews, that I saw it’s a huge factor!

    I found it difficult to get a paper that drew down quickly, but also had the clarity of flavor I wanted. So together with Joaquim and Lambert we sourced a whole new paper material that hadn’t been used for brewing coffee before, and tweaked it to become what I believe is the best brewing paper available. Every parameter was tested; porosity, tensile strength, thickness, sealing, and shape, in order to come up with this final paper - it was a project we’d worked on for over 12 months.

    The result is a paper that flows very quickly, but more importantly, very evenly, and is a thickness that stands off the walls of the dripper, to reduce clogging, and maximise the potential of each brewer. With the B3 paper you can maximise the potential of your dripper through a more even extraction. A rigid, thicker paper encourages flow, but creates a clear, clean, sweet cup profile.


    The B3 FAST Specialty Coffee Filters are entirely produced locally in Barcelona.


The FLAT is the unique and original non-fluted flat-bottomed filter for coffee drippers, designed and registered by SIBARIST. It offers a unique, smooth and unobstructed area that offers the perfect and even space for brewing with full access to the coffee bed. It eliminates the bypass effect and provides the most even extraction with the maximum coffee particle yield, preventing coffee particles from being trapped in fluted areas.

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