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7 January, 2023

GRAYCANO Special Edition

The Graycano edition is a redesigned CONE S FAST Specialty Coffee Filter, its angle and size has been modified to provide a better fitting with over the Graycano lava ribs. This dripper has a slightly angle difference in comparison with a typical V60 dripper, and a specific design is needed if you are looking for the perfect fitting.

A design modification on the filter angle of -2,75º on the filter shape (once is folded) makes the difference between just stay inside the dripper or lay carefully just only over the lava ribs and avoid any and random filter positioning or uneven contact surface between the filter and the core of the dripper (not the grooves).

In the image above it can be appreciated the fitting of the regular CONE (left) and the CONE GRAYCANO Special Edition (right) inside the Graycano dripper.

The precision on fitting over the driver grooves improves the air and flow circulation between the dripper and the filter, becoming in a more controlled and regular extraction, and a more even result, and improve the repeatability. A more uneven or random fitting of the filter in to the dripper can produce different and more random contact surfaces (filter-dripper) altering the air and flow circulation through it and producing slightly air channels obturations or as opposite, big air channels, slowing down or boosting the extraction depending on the filter fitting.

In the graphic above can be appreciated the regularity that provides the dedicated Graycano CONE Special Edition in the drawdown flow. In this case the Graycano Special Edition provides a slightly slow drawdown, but more even than the regular CONE and with less extraction time dispersion (3 sec. vs 7sec). We suspect that this is produced due to the wider angle of the regular CONE (for V60) increase the air gaps in some parts depending on the placement of the filter. This time difference and dispersion might increase with a normal brewing conditions and different pours.

The CONE GRAYCANO SPECIAL EDITION is made of the FAST Specialty Coffee Filters that is its unique structure that provides the paper rigidness to be able to maintain the filter structure over the dripper grooves and maintain a conical shape. Also, the characteristic FAST flow provides the fastest drawdown to the dripper and filter combo. 

In the graphic above, it is possible to appreciate the FASTER drawdown speed of the CONE Graycano Special edition in comparison with a regular filter, the drawdown time different might increase under normal brewing conditions and different pours. 

Also, the filter height has been reduced to avoid the filter shape to overpass the dripper body, this allows the user to pour very closer to the coffee slurry with a more precise pour, more flow control and with more balance (control over the pour flow, ml/sec.).

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