Our story

Product development and a passion for coffee

Sibarist was created out of a passion for coffee and a vocation for product development.

We are coffee lovers who have combined our two passions to transform the coffee experience, based on real shared experiences.



We can enjoy coffee thanks to all the people who each day devote themselves to harvesting it, transporting it, roasting it and serving it. We learn from the world of specialty coffee thanks to the shared experiences of all these people. This is what inspires us and allows us to conceive and produce our products. Sibarist is the result of sharing and learning, and collaborating is therefore our way of creating.



We understand our products and their development as speciality coffee. For us, the importance and knowledge of the origin, how the materials are treated, the qualities which make it special and the people who intervene in the process are fundamental elements to make our products. We therefore attach the same importance to them as the attention that we pay to the coffee that we consume. So that, in the end, everything is in harmony; we believe that the whole shapes the experience.