The Booster 22 is a revolutionary way of brewing coffee, it is a tool to increase the extraction strength and the drawdown flow of your brews using V60’s and the SIBARIST HYBRID filters.

Since figuring out the hybrid cone/flat paper’s optimal shape, the addition of the mesh disc was part of the combination – the mesh adds the contact points and flow rate you need at the bottom of the cone brewer. The rigidity of the paper, and the addition of the mesh mean you have more contact points and more even flow through the whole paper, and the hybrid cone/flat design give you a whole new taste over traditional cone brews.

The combo has been developed together with Matt Winton (2021 World Brewers Cup Champion), and till now, his preferred setup to react the best extractions ever.


  • Conical drippers (V60’s) in combination with the SIBARIST HYBRID filters.

    Stainless steel AISI 304 with food grade gold plating.

    Individual packaging.

    Packaging made of paper, organic, recyclable and made with compostable materials.

    Wash with soap and hot water before the first use.


    1. The Booster has three small tabs folded in an angle to help seating inside the conical dripper. Place the booster inside the dripper with the tabs downwards, ensuring that sits in a leveled and flat position parallel to the dripper bottom.
    2. Place a SIBARIST HYBRID filter inside the dripper.
    3. Rinse the filter ensuring that the bottom of the filter is in contact with the Booster.
    4. Add coffee and brew.


    1. Let the brewing set up get colder in an environment temperature.
    2. Remove the filter and the booster from your dripper. Ensure that you have the Booster, it could be on the dripper bottom or stitched to the paper filter.
    3. Rinse it with hot water.


    Together with Matt, over a year of testing has allowed us to optimise the hole sizes, diameter, and material to come up with the best version for maximum evenness of flow, and enhanced extractions of your every brew.


    Matt Winton voice:

    "During testing of these papers and combos, I had my previous standard of brewing that I thought was the best I could find, and whenever I tested that against the B3 + 22mm disc combo, I always chose the B3 and mesh disc brew. It was richer, sweeter, and more clear - all the way from hot to cold. I wish I had this when I was competing to enhance my brews on stage even more."

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