The Booster is a revolutionary way of brewing coffee, it is a tool to increase the extraction strength and the drawdown flow of your flatbed dripper brews.

Sitting between your filter and the brewer, it drastically increases contact points under the bed, right where we want to have most of our coffee flow through the filter, in a very even way, which increases drawdown speeds, and the potential for higher extractions without channeling.

The results are brews without bitterness or dryness, even at very high extraction yields allowing you to grind finer, to get sweeter, richer and better cups without changing your brewer, just by adding the booster under your paper.

The Booster has been developed together with Matt Winton (2021 World Brewers Cup Champion) to reach the best contact surface vs free space ratio and pattern.

“You don’t need a new dripper, just boost your brews.”


  • Flatbed drippers with 45mm diameter bed (most of the flat bed drippers, like Orea V3, Kalita 155 & 185, Fellow, April…) in combination with any flatbed filter.

    Stainless steel AISI 304 with food grade gold plating.

    Individual packaging.

    Packaging made of paper, organic, recyclable and made with compostable materials.

    Find instructions here

    Wash with soap and hot water before the first use.


    1. Place the booster inside the flatbed dripper, ensuring that sits on the bottom or on the bottom groves in a leveled and flat position parallel to the dripper bottom.
    2. Place a coffee filter inside the dripper.
    3. Rinse the filter ensuring that the bottom of the filter is in contact with the Booster.
    4. Add coffee and brew.


    1. Let the brewing set up get colder in an environment temperature.
    2. Remove the filter and the booster from your dripper. Ensure that you have the Booster, it could be on the dripper bottom or stitched to the paper filter.
    3. Rinse it with hot water.


    Together with Matt, over a year of testing has allowed us to optimise the hole sizes, diameter, and material to come up with the best version for maximum evenness of flow, and enhanced extractions of your every brew.


    Matt Winton voice:

    “When I first started brewing with flatbed brewers, I was never able to get the results other people spoke about with fine grind, high extraction brews - they always turned out bitter - and I couldn’t understand why. I asked around with a lot of people and someone put me on to a blog post about putting a mesh sieve underneath the filter in a Stagg brewer by Johnathon Gagne. I decided to try this out and was amazed at the difference it made! I started to play with diameters, and hole sizes in the mesh and realised that the magic in this technique wasn’t in sitting the paper off the brewer, but in increasing the contact points of the paper to the mesh and increasing flow this way.

     Together with Sibarist we found a great mesh size that dramatically enhances flow, and eliminates clogging when brewing dense, light roast coffees! I now was able to brew recipes like other people had suggested, without getting the bitter results I had before, due to the even, faster flow, and no choking!

     I use this mesh now on all my flat bed brewers, Orea, Stagg, Kalita, April, to totally open up the flow, and give consistent results that don’t choke! I’ve used it with many different paper types to great effect with all, Kalita, Sibarist FAST, Sibarist B3, April etc. It works great to improve the brewers in all these cases.

    Even if we do brew a really slow draining coffee with a no-bypass brew, we have increased flow and still don’t have bitter results in the end, just higher extractions, but no choking and uneven extractions!”

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