CONE XL FAST Specialty Coffee Filter


The CONE XL is a filter for coffee makers such as Chemex or V60 n3 drippers, with an angle (>60º) specifically designed to block air circulation while providing faster drawdowns to high-volume coffee extractions.

Reinvent your recipes, reach new cups, and rediscover your coffees.

The filter adapts to large conical drippers and coffee makers (like Classic Chemex and V60 03 ).

FAST Specialty Coffee Filter paper technology.
100% organic.
Manufactured in Barcelona.

1oo units Packs
The sealed packaging is made with organic materials and guarantees optimal conservation of the filters and prevents contamination from external dust and odours.
Protect your cup and the planet!

XL (03)

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CONE XL FAST Specialty Coffee Filter

The angle created by the XL cone is greater than that of the filter holders (>60º), which means that once wet, its surface remains stuck to the walls of the dripper, avoiding the creation of air channels and eliminating the bypass effect. At the same time, the FAST technology gives the XL greater extraction speed than traditional filters, reducing extraction time (reversing the effect that would be produced by cutting air channels) and making it possible to use finer grinds.

In infusions with large amounts of coffee, the XL filter avoids over-extraction and dull or astringent results, providing a cleaner cup that achieves good mouthfeel, sweetness & flavours, free of the presence of external flavours.

“In extractions with large amounts of coffee, the saturation of the filter, the prolongation of extraction times and the bypass effect are particularly critical factors that have traditionally made it difficult to obtain the desired extractions.”


For correct filter functioning with the Chemex Classics, the XL must be placed with the sealed part inside the regatta “spout” typical of this coffeemaker. Rinse the filter thoroughly so that it adheres to the whole filter holder wall, maintaining a single air channel across the spout area that will allow hot air to escape from the inside of the dripper and prevent the filter from blocking and generating air pockets toward the outside.


All the FAST Specialty Coffee Filters are entirely produced locally in Barcelona.