FLAT FAST Specialty Coffee Filter


The FLAT use the FAST Specialty Coffee Filter technology, its no-waves surface eliminates the bypass to provide a regular water contact to all coffee particles and continuous turbulence.

Also have all the FAST Specialty Coffee Filter characteristics.

Reinvent your recipes, reach new cups, and rediscover your coffees.

The filter adapts to flat bed drippers (like Kalita 185 types).

FAST Specialty Coffee Filter paper technology.
100% organic.
Manufactured in Barcelona.

100 units Packs.
The sealed packaging guarantees optimal conservation of the filters and prevents contamination from external dust and odours. Protect your cup!

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FLAT FAST Specialty Coffee Filter

Is the innovative & first flat bed Coffee Filter without waves in the world and the faster one, thanks to the Fast Specialty Coffee filter technology (use the SIBARIST FAST paper) that provides the well-known fast extraction flow.

The Flat filter fits with Kalita 185 filter holder types.


The FLAT FAST Specialty Coffee Filter it will be delivered unfolded with the folding bends already done on the paper shape, it’s a self-forming filter. To brew with the filter, you just need to follow the pre bended marks, and it will be ready to start the ritual.


Once you have the filter formed and placed on the filter, you just need to rinse the filter to preheat the paper and the dripper, you will notice that the FLAT FAST surface will be stitched to the dripper surface:


The filter CONE FAST eliminates the air gaps created between the waves of classic flat bed filter which ones produce the bypass effect (the bypass effect might increase the astringency), the FLAT FAST eliminates any air circulation between the filter and the dripper. The FAST Specialty Coffee paper provide enough permeability to provide a fast and good flow rate without these extra air channels. In addition, provides a clean, free paper flavour, and silky mouthfeel that characterizes the FAST Specialty Coffee Filter brews.

The free waves shapes do not allow to the coffee particles to be trapped on the waves, providing a more uniform and complete extraction, ensuring that all the coffee particles used on the brew will be in contact with the water in a more uniform and complete way, providing a more uniform and regular extraction. The simple and plain surface offers a better geometry to create a more uniform turbulence.


The FLAT & CONE FAST Specialty Coffee Filters are entirely produced locally in Barcelona.