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ESPRESSO filters are a range of filters designed to make filtered coffee on espresso machines, improving the extraction consistency and puck yield with greater cup clarity, achieving better cups.

The espresso filters belong to the SIBARIST LAB edition and there are different sizes, materials and levels of filtration.

Cup clarity

The filter structure catches solid compounds, sediments, fine particles and also remove some oils and dense dissolved matter, resulting in a clean cup.

Higher extraction

Adding the filter in the basket will provide a higher extraction yield in a same time comparison with and without.

Even extraction

The filter changes the hydraulic resistance in the puck, forcing the water to find more and complex paths to go through, helping to dissolve the solubles of the entire puck.


The filter diameters do not correspond to your portafilter diameter.

Removes hollows

SIBARIST filters helps to remove the problem of hollows at the centre of spent pucks by providing better water flow distribution and coffee expansion.


Less irregularities in the puck and more even extraction means more consistency and a slight reduction of differences in preparations like the tamping, levelling, humidity on the grind, etc.

Prevents puck collapse

A more even puck yield reduces the collapse effect in the same conditions.

Full puck performance

Most baskets don’t have exit holes close to the edges, producing uneven puck extractions. The filter forces the water to reach these sides of the puck, resulting in a more even and yielded extraction of the puck.

Mitigates channeling

More even water and full circulation through the puck also provides a more even coffee grind distribution and settlement, preventing the creation of channels and water path preferences during extraction.

Yields a perfectly flat spent puck

The filter provides more even and natural coffee particle dissolution and expansion in the basket, providing more uniform dissolution and resulting in even flat pucks.


The filters increase the puck yield and decrease the extraction “problems” that can happen in different extractions like hollows in the spent puck and other defects.


The Filter Grade

The filter grade is the composition and structure of the filter (material, pore characteristics and manufacturing process). Each grade provides different filtration characteristics, effects the hydraulic resistance and has its own properties.

The target is to let the user experiment and explore different recipes and extraction conditions. This is why SIBARIST ESPRESSO filters offer different grade options:


SOFT is an espresso filter that uses the FAST Specialty Coffee Filter. It provides soft filtration on the espresso shots for a cleaner cup with a light impact on the espresso machine settings and puck conditions.


HIGH CELL is an espresso filter made of cellulose that provides a high level of filtration on the espresso shots, with a huge impact on the extraction conditions and puck yield. This filter is made of cellulose and can be disposed together with the puck.


HIGH MEM is an espresso filter membrane made with a synthetic composition with a very regular structure, pore size and distribution that provides a high level of filtration on the espresso shots, with a huge impact on the extraction conditions, puck yield and with zero impact on the coffee flavour. This filter greatly decreases astringency by trapping some of the suspended astringent compounds.

This filter can be used for what Scott Rao named “FILTER 2.0.” Follow his publications and notes to get brewed coffee using espresso machines.

HIGH MEM is recyclable. Please deposit the filter in the proper place.

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