Special editions

SIBARIST SPECIAL EDITIONS is a range of products especially designed in partnership with other brands and professionals with the goal of developing dedicated Sibarist products for each partnership and attaining the top maximum performance. In search of the best extraction!


Boost this fast and versatile dripper with the special designed FAST filter, reaching more even extractions, get new recipes possibilities and set the grind to the limit.

The OREA SPECIAL EDITION is a FLAT filter specially designed to provide the best geometry to fit perfectly with the Orea 03 dripper. This special edition has the proper angles and diameters to fit perfectly with these amazing drippers, ensuring the 0 bypass, while provides a fast drawdown and great pour control.

Don’t Panic, go finer. This combo allows you to explore very, very, fine grinds, don’t be afraid, and make your recipe with the finer grind ever, the result will surprize you.


The combo of the Orea Brewer 3 + FLAT provides an even faster drawdown.

Break grind limits with extra finer grinds

Its extraction speed allows users to explore finer grinds than ever before, with percolation methods that do not choke or clog the filter. Don’t be afraid. Let’s explore.

Higher extraction

FAST makes it possible to attain higher extraction and performance values than conventional filters, with much lower infusion times. It also has a lower LRR.

No Bypass

The shape of the special edition fits perfectly with the brewer. The stitching on its surface fits the brewer without any air channel or bypass, much less astringency.

Control over extraction

The volume created with the combo of the dripper and filter plain walls enhance the control over the extraction and enhance the cause-effect, providing more control over the extraction.

Get closer

The small size of the dripper, the adjusted filter heights and the waves absence allows the barista to pour very closer of the coffee grind, providing a high pour control and constant flows. Also providing the capability to create a very thin pour (low ml per sec.).


The development of the FLAT OREA edition came naturally. Launched by one young entrepreneur, this dripper without any kind of shape on the walls matched perfectly with the FLAT main intention = no bypass. The Orea 03 has the perfect height to reduce the distance between the kettle and the coffee for a fast flow… Wow! Interesting, right?

Horia is the founder of Orea and was very open to cooperate with Sibarist from the start. The main point was to rethink the standard FLAT shape to ensure that the special edition fits like a glove on the Orea V3 so the perfect combo can provide a better coffee extraction.

OREA and SIBARIST held an event in Barcelona (Slowmov) where the participants came to find the best recipe. It was unbelievable how fine and long the extractions were that the participants developed to extract the 100%. The best extractions were well balanced. The consistency was reached by avoiding bypass with coarse grindings and short extractions.

It was a caffeine blast of a day.




Thake advantage of the dripper shape, If you are looking for the perfect fitting and enhance the impact on the flow of the dripper groves, this is the perfect combo.

The GRAYCANO SPECIAL EDITION is a CONE filter with a special designed shape to ensure a perfect fitting with the Graycano dripper. The filter has specific angle to ensure the perfect laying over the Graycano Lava groves. This avoids any random filter surface disposition that could provide different filter surface contact areas with the core of the dripper and interfere with the dripper flow, creating air gaps and uneven extraction flow circulations.<

This filter is developed together with Martin Wölfl, Austrian Brewers cup Champion 2021-2022, after we knew Martin in Milano and discovering that the preferred Martin’s setup was the Graycano dripper + the SIBARIST CONE filter. We decided to work together with Martin and Graycano to create an improved CONE version for this setup. Martin has competed and won the 2021 and 2022 Championships with prototypes of this edition. Also, the Graycano + CONE combo has been used by Nicole Battefeld (German Brewers Cup Champion) during the 2022.


The perfect fitting of the filer over the dripper groves ensures the same position of the filter and air circulation between filter and dripper surfaces, increasing the repeatability and uniformity between different extractions.

Correct size

Its dedicated dimensions avoid the filter to overpass the dripper body allowing the placement of dripping devices over the dripper.

Control over extraction

The good air circulation between the filter and the dripper walls provides a regular and constant flow enhancing the control of the extraction with the kettle pours.

Finer grinds

Its extraction speed allows users to explore finer grinds than ever before with percolation methods that do not choke or clog the filter.

FAST flow

The combination provides a very FAST extraction, even a faster flow than the use of the CONE in classic V60 drippers.

Higher extraction

FAST makes it possible to obtain higher extraction and performance values than conventional filters, with much lower infusion times. It also has a lower LRR

No choking nor clogging

The filter flow is the less likely to choke or clog filter paper for brewing. Get the most out of your Ethiopian coffees or move the grind to the limit.

Control and precision

The adjusted filter heights allow the barista to pour very closer to the coffee slurry, providing a high precise pour with more flow control and balance (control over the pour flow, ml/sec.).


This Special Editions is thanks to the desire to go one step beyond of 3 actors, Martin Wölfl (Austrian Brewers cup Champion), SIBARIST and Graycano team.

The story starts in 2021 in Milano during the WOC, where we met Martin. We knew about his selection for the competitions (SIBARIST CONE + GRAYCANO Dripper). After Milano, we put all the team in the same loop and we started to exchange impressions, feedback, recipes and we started to discuss how we could improve the filters for the competition.

After some prototypes, we learned and notice about the high impact that small changes in the filter design produce in the extraction, especially on the filter fitting in to the dripper and the contact surface between the bodies. This contact surface affects a lot on the air circulation between the filter and the dripper and can alter the extraction time and drawdown flow evenness.

We thought for the best filter design, and after testing, Martin confirmed that the new-born design provides better extractions. Whit this special edition and dripper set up Martin has won the Austrian 2021 and 2022 brewers cup championship.

Now in a framework of a collaboration between companies, GRAYCANO and SIBARIST have joined forces to launch this special edition to allow all baristas and coffee lovers to use this Champion combo.

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