Special editions

SIBARIST SPECIAL EDITIONS is a range of products especially designed in partnership with other brands and professionals with the goal of developing dedicated Sibarist products for each partnership and attaining the top maximum performance. In search of the best extraction!


FLAT Special edition OREA is a special edition of the FLAT filter redesigned to provide the best geometry to fit perfectly with the Orea 03 dripper. This special edition has the proper angles and diameters to ensure the 0 bypass, at the same time that it ensures a fast drawdown and great pour control.

No Bypass

The shape of the special edition fits perfectly with the brewer. The stitching on its surface fits the brewer without any air channel or bypass, much less astringency.


The combo of the Orea Brewer 3 + FLAT provides an even faster drawdown.

Higher extraction

FAST makes it possible to attain higher extraction and performance values than conventional filters, with much lower infusion times. It also has a lower LRR.

Brake the grind limit, extra fine grinds

Its extraction speed allows users to explore finer grinds than ever before, with percolation methods that do not choke or clog the filter. Don’t be afraid. Let’s explore.

Control over extraction

The volume created with the combo of the dripper and filter plain walls enhance the control over the extraction and enhance the cause-effect, providing more control over the extraction.


The development of the FLAT OREA edition came naturally. Launched by one young entrepreneur, this dripper without any kind of shape on the walls matched perfectly with the FLAT main intention = no bypass. The Orea 03 has the perfect height to reduce the distance between the kettle and the coffee for a fast flow… Wow! Interesting, right?

Horia is the founder of Orea and was very open to cooperate with Sibarist from the start. The main point was to rethink the standard FLAT shape to ensure that the special edition fits like a glove on the Orea V3 so the perfect combo can provide a better coffee extraction.

OREA and SIBARIST held an event in Barcelona (Slowmov) where the participants came to find the best recipe. It was unbelievable how fine and long the extractions were that the participants developed to extract the 100%. The best extractions were well balanced. The consistency was reached by avoiding bypass with coarse grindings and short extractions.

It was a caffeine blast of a day.

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