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15 February, 2023


Ben achieved the impressive feat of winning the Canadian Brewers and Barista Championships the same year! That’s amazing! He brewed with the CONE S to win the nationals and to compete in the 2022 Worlds Brewers Cup in Melbourne, and yes, competing in both categories, he was running between the two stages, crazy right? And he was classified to the Barista finals.

We are very happy to share this Champion interview with you, where you can find out the reasons of his choice and the setup advantages. We hope you enjoy the lecture and findings.

Thank you Ben for your trust in our products and to share your tips and tricks to our community, you’ll be always a Sibarist Champion!

Ben personal description (background and motivations):

My name is Ben Put. I am one of the founders for Monogram Coffee. We are a roasterie with 5 cafes in Calgary and Vancouver. I have been involved in competitions for last 10 years both as a coach and a competitor. I am a 4 time WBC Finalist, 5 time Canadian Barista Champion, and the 2022 Canadian Brewers Cup Champion. 

Why did you choose the Sibarist filters for the brewer’s cup championship?

We tried many different filters while preparing for competition. Coming from an espresso background, my favourite espresso baskets are the ones with the highest flow because it gives you more control over your grind. I have the exact same philosophy with filter brewing. The Sibarist filters have an extremely high flow rate so you can build your recipe however you desire without being affected by the flow restriction of the filter. 

Could you describe the recipe and coffee used? And what’s the reason of the set up?

I used hybrid natural/washed process from Elida Estate in Boquete, Panama. My recipe is very simple and is the recipe I used every day. With 20g of coffee, I do a double bloom of 50g twice: Once at the start and again at :40. The purpose of these two small pours is to release CO2 in order the coffee sits at the bottom of the filter and there are no “high and dry” grounds. After that I pour the remaining 200g of water. With a total brew time between 2:15-2:45. The Sibarist’s fast flow works well for the method because it maintains a high flow rate throughout all the stages without choking. The brew method gives qualities of both percolation and full immersion.

Any comment or tip about how to use the Sibarist filters?

If you are just starting with Sibarist filters, start with a grind size that is finer than your usual setting. Start your first pour and see how the water passes through the coffee. If it is passing through really quickly, space your water into a larger number of small pours. This will increase your extraction while maintaining a good brew time. After that first brew you can adjust your grind and your recipe. 

Any other comment that you could consider useful for coffee lovers, fans, people with the aim to improve recipes and reach for the best extraction?

Water quality for filter coffee is even more important than for espresso. When in doubt find a bottled water with a low total ppm or use a brita filter. 

Watch Ben during the 2022 World Brewers Cup Championship:

Watch Ben during the 2022 World Barista Championship

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