Discover SIMEN tips & tricks. SIBARIST CHAMPION & HERO

31 January, 2023


And there is Simen! He is the 2022 Norwegian Brewers Cup Champion, and he competed in the Worlds Brewers Cup using the SIBARIST CONE in combination with the switch dripper, with this combo he reached to pass to the World Championship Finals.

We are very happy to share this Champion & Hero interview with you, where you can find out the reasons of his choice and the setup advantages. We hope you enjoy the lecture and findings.

Thank you Simen for your trust in our products and to share your tips and tricks to our community, you’ll be always a Sibarist Hero!

Simen personal description (background and motivations):

I’m Simen Andersen, I’ve worked in coffee for about two years, but been a coffee geek for many more! I started competing as we had a culture for it at Neongrut (currently 3 reigning Norwegian champs). As I prepared for the regionals I learnt so much about coffee and that, along with the community is what makes competing real fun! 

Why did you choose the Sibarist filters for the brewer’s cup championship?

Sibarist + hario switch = love. Paired with the switch you get complete control over your brew with the sibarist filters. I found a recipe for the regionals that i altered for the nationals that kept the fruit and got rid of the ferment in a coffee I found a little too funky for a championship, I had full control over the brew and managed to score 10 in uniformity in the regionals because of this. 

Could you describe the recipe and coffee used? And what’s the reason of the set up?

The recipe I really like and used in a couple of championships is one that works wonders with a highly fermented coffee. = is open switch, < is closed switch.

17g to 240

0:00 < pour 50g 

0:40 = pour up to 150g

1:15 < pour up to 240g

1:50 = (open)

2:00 < (close right before the water touches the grounds)

Any comment or tip about how to use the Sibarist filters?

As mentioned I really enjoy them when brewing more fermented coffees, to make sure i can control every aspect. with the switch theres endless ways to use the sibarist. but listen to the coffee and what it needs. I altered this recipe by soaking the grounds for 15 more seconds in the end (last pour starting at 1:10, open the switch at 2:00) to fit the coffee i was brewing that time.

The easy way to utilize the switch and Sibarists are a full immersion for a set amout of time, and as you open it, it drains quickly and almost always gives you a decent brew.

What the Sibarist filters can add to your brew?

Flexibility, control and silkyness.

I feel the sibarist filters can add a silky mouthfeel to the cup.
The sibarist filters are also always the same high quality and will therefore always act the same way.

Any other comment that you could consider useful for coffee lovers, fans, people with the aim to improve recipes and reach for the best extraction?

Be curious, it’s the best way to learn!

Watch Simen during the 2022 World Brewers Cup Championship:

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