Milo Gil, SIBARIST CHAMPION tips & tricks!

13 March, 2024

Milo Gil, SIBARIST CHAMPION tips & tricks!

Last January, Milo Gil won the Netherlands Dutch Brewers Cup 24”, our team has interviewed Milo and we’re very proud to share his story and usefull tips&tricks.

Thank you Milo for your trust in our products, you’ll be always a Sibarist Champion!

How did you become involved in the Specialty?

Drinking coffee has always been a part of my habit. It fueled my energy, and drinking it made me feel cozy. However, the moment I actually tasted a good cup of coffee I realized I had been fooled. Right then and there, I was in pursuit of making better tasting coffees and making them more consistently.

Why did you choose the Sibarist filters for the Brewers Cup Championship?

They simply stood out among the rest of the filter options. They allow for very consistent results. Not to mention the evenness of extraction they encourage and the texture to my brews they deliver.

Could you describe the recipe and coffee used? And what’s the reason of the set up?

I ended up using the Origami Air, size medium. This allowed me to use all different kinds of shaped filters, which I had found to make a massive impact.
The coffee I used was vastly processed, which meant the consistency could vary from one brew to another. That’s why I kept my recipe as simple as possible, aiming for a 1:16.6 ratio, in three to four pours.

“I was in pursuit of making better tasting coffees and making them more consistently”

Quick Questions round

FAST filters technology or B3 technology? Pros and cons?

B3 technology. I usually like to brew my coffee quite coarsely. And to extract as much as possible, I don’t need to water to drain too quickly. Also the B3 deliver rich texture to my brews. Cons: Some coffees might benefit from draining more quickly.

FLAT bed filters, CONE filers or HYBRID filters? Pros and cons? 

HYBRID, their unusual shape allows for less sharp acidity and a more richly extracted coffee. Cons: They take a while to fold!

Why the BOOSTER?

It’s cheap, will last forever (unless you end up losing it!), and adds a sweet touch to my brews. Cons: You might end up losing it.

– Do you use or switch between filters depending on the coffee (origin, process,
Most definitely! Super dense coffees, or various immersion brewing devices, could benefit from using FAST filters. Take your time and give each filter option a go!

Any other tip or comment you consider that could be useful for coffee lovers, fans,
people with the aim to improve recipes and reach for the best extraction?

Sometimes, we are overly obsessed with making minor changes to the recipe, which I’m guilty of too. Then, it doesn’t hurt to take a step back and simply enjoy coffee as a whole.

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