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9 March, 2023

Wilford Lamastus Jr, SIBARIST CHAMPION tips & tricks!

Wilford belongs to a family who really knows about coffee, they live the coffee, they have won several Bests of Panama Cup and the coffee and finca has a very excellent reputation! Wilford Lamastus Jr is a clear example of its effort and dedication. He won the Panama Brewers Cup Championships compete in the 2022 Worlds Brewers Cup in Melborn using the CONE M.

We are very happy to share this Champion interview with you, where you can find out the reasons of his choice and the setup advantages. We hope you enjoy the lecture and findings.

Thank you Wilford for your trust in our products and to share your tips and tricks to our community, you’ll be always a Sibarist Champion!

Wilford personal description (background and motivations):

My name is Wilford Lamastus Jr and I am a fourth generation coffee producer from Boquete, Panama.

My family produces coffee since 1918 producing and selling as a commodity until the early 90’s where Panama’s coffee crisis hits Panama coffee production heavy and after trying different crops, a small number of producers decided to back in to coffee but this time doing it special pushing the specialty coffee industry to the one we have today from a very small number of Panamanian producers including my father as one of the main leaders from this movement, and even as the specialty coffee movement began the struggle last two more decades until coffee began a sustainable crop for our family and community. This is where my inspiration in coffee begins, and I competed in order to achieve the last part of the chain as a producer to understand our market consumption better. 

Why did you choose the Sibarist filters for the brewers cup championship?

Highly recommended by industry leaders, but mainly because of my coach and friend Benjamin Put, he made sure I used them and of course we tasted against others and had better results. 

Could you describe the recipe and coffee used? And what’s the reason of the set up?

My coffee was Elida Geisha Natural ASD Torre, the recipe is 15 grams for 225 ml

0:00 we add 40 ml

0;45 we add 60 ml

1:30 we add 125 ml

First two using fellow and last one using brewista.

93 degrees.

It imitates immersion and the FAST filter helps with the long and last pour.

Any comment about how to use the Sibarist filters / when and how it is preferred to use the Sibarist filters / any personal tip or technique or tip:

Fold the side so it sticks better in a cone shape brewer, use medium grind and beware is faster.

What the Sibarist filters can add to your brew?

 Brightness and sweetness.

Any other comment that you could consider that could be useful for coffee lovers, fans, people with the aim to improve recipes and reach for the best extraction?

 Buy great coffee, don’t expect not so good coffee to taste great even with great equipment. 

Watch Wilford during the 2022 World Brewers Cup:

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