Customized projects and personalization


At Sibarist, we are always open to new proposals and collaborations; we love developing customized and personalized projects to meet the specific needs of a client and to contribute to improving the world of specialty coffee.

Whether you have a coffee shop, an architecture studio or you are a distributor, if you need to develop your project please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail with your basic requirements. We will contact you shortly.


A solution for each need

Collaborate to create; we believe that each application or need requires its own tailored solution. We love challenges!

Project work

We are used to product development and to project work; our way of working is therefore very simple:

1) Request. We receive the client’s enquiry, explaining the need and requirements.

2) Proposal. We study the case and develop our proposal, together with the budget that it will have in the event of going ahead, and the delivery times.

3) Our duty is to convince the client; the payment is only therefore made if the client accepts the proposal presented.

4) Acceptance. We receive the approval.

5) Manufacture. Time to produce!

Production capacity

We have the capacity to tackle all kinds of projects and to handle different materials, whether wood, metal or others, with their respective production processes.

SIBARIST quality

We understand that there is only one way of working, which is with high quality and maintaining the characteristic values of SIBARIST. Our custom developments therefore have the same quality and commitment as our standard products.

Send us your proposal!